The Hebrew Free Loan Association fosters financial stability and opportunity by providing access to interest-free loans to individuals (18 years or older) in Quebec with a demonstrated need.

HFLA makes an immediate, concrete difference in the lives of our borrowers.


Our organization was founded in 1911 when a Montreal realtor, Zigmond Fineberg, gathered together 31 members of the Jewish community. The group was inspired by Mr. Fineberg’s idea to establish a HFLA in Montreal, to help individuals to help themselves, and they joined together to create the original Hebrew Free Loan Association of Montreal.

Today, we continue that tradition of making interest-free loans available to Quebecers who need immediate financial assistance or want to invest in their futures but do not have the resources. The dignity of the borrower is an integral aspect of the loan process.

Since our inception, HFLA has granted over 100,000 loans totalling more than $140 million, with 95% of applications approved. As our loans are repaid, the capital is lent out again and again, helping more people and multiplying the impact over time.

Hebrew Free Loan Association is unique. No other organization in Quebec provides an array of interest-free loans to individuals facing urgent financial needs.


Hebrew Free Loan Association Annual Report 2022

Hebrew Free Loan Association of Montreal

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The Hebrew Free Loan Association fosters financial stability with interest-free loans

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