"We are really thankful to HFL for helping us at the beginning of our journey in Canada. "

I immigrated to Montreal from Russia in 1972 with my parents and brother. I was a student in Commerce at Concordia University and my brother was a PHD student in Physic at McGill. Our relatives told us about Hebrew Free Loan to help us out with initial expenses in our new country. My husband arrived in 1973 and we got married. We bought a duplex with my parents as a partnership. We went to HFL for a loan as we didn’t have enough for a down payment. My father passed away and we helped pay off the loan. It was a very big help. Since then, many years have passed. We still live in the duplex. My husband had a successful business and I worked at Saidye Bronfman Centre and the Segal Centre for the Arts for almost 30 years. We raised 4 children who are all married and have families of their own. We have since retired but continue work for the community. My brother is a top nuclear scientist in Toronto. We are thankful to Hebrew Free Loan for helping us at the beginning of our journey in Canada. Thank you so much.

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